kat-tun's tour has started~~!!!

by facchan on Monday, May 3, 2010, under ,



apparently KaT-TUN's concert has started yesterday!!!! and yeah, it's without A-san..A-san, wishing u good luck for your upcoming concert at LA~!

people, i want these!!! da concert goods!! but, student like me ni, nk amek duit katne?? cakap??
nk arap ptptn.hmmp~~ 1000 tahun lama lagi~ *insert lagu seribu tahun by imran ajmain*

uchiwa kame!! XD

uchiwa koki~~! huwaargghh makin ensem ko nih koki!!

kame's signature!! ^^

black chou chou~~ OMG, I WANT THIS SO MUCH!!!!

tumbler~ ^^

penlight!! huwarghh nampak cool~!! XD

t-shirt!!! YANG NI PON TERSANGAT MAU!!! [ape punye bm ni?? XD]

waaaaaaaaaghhh atashi wa subete, kono mono ga HOSHII desu yo!!! maji de!!
*humming* "duit2, di mana kau duit??"

ok, before fangirling around them, need to concentrate on exam first yer~ Orz.
btw, esok exam account!! wish me luck! AGAIN!! XDD

pictures credit to estherzax@lj and huisinhs@lj

aku suka lambang concert dorang kali nih!!

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