kame's character and hairstyle in drama, ranking!!

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yoosshhhaaaa~~ this is my 100th entry!!! banzai~ banzai~ banzai~!!! *throw confetti*. ahaha. so to celebrate this (perlu ke celebrate?? XD), i want to write up what kind of kame's character in drama that i like. XD

my kame's character in drama ranking~~

1. Kousaku Hatanaka [One Pound Gospel]

He is called Mr. Gutless Glutton. ahaha. he's soo cute. the way he appeals to win Sister Angela's heart always amused me!! nyahahah kawaaaiii!! Kousaku is da kawaaii-est boxer ever!! XDD

Mr. Gutless Glutton

2. Shuuji Kiritani [ Nobuta Wo Produce]

He's cool person who is loved by everybody at his school. he's faking it juz to remain his popularity by getting along with everyone. but, he actually is a lonely person instead of always being cheerfull in front of others. shuuji's character is actually similar to me. i tried to be cheerfull, but inside me is just lonely. T__T. what i like about him is, he always fulfill his promise and always putting the feelings of others before himself.

see. this trademark is not created by yamapi in Kurosagi!!
it's by kame in NwP!!

3. Ryu Odagiri [Gokusen II & Gokusen The Movie]

he's the rebellious student from Kurogin Gakuen. his appearance seems a bad person, but he has nice heart! he always thinks for his friends. as times goes by, he becomes a good adult and become a trainee teacher at recent Yankumi's school.

4. Kyouhei Takano [Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge]

he's a handsome man who stay at mansion together with his friends. He has to convert his landlady's niece become lad if wanna stay there for free. he's a sadist character and always did what he wanna do. but he has complex in himself. he always said, da appearance doesn't matter. it's heart does matter.. i wish i could have a BF like him who don't judge me, who love me, who accept me the way i am without looking da appearance.

5. Hiroto Kanzaki [Tatta Hitotsu No Koi]

a true lover who loves a rich daughter. he does love Nao coz he loves her (ayat berbelit sket), and not becoz of her money!! Hiroto is made for kame. the writer of diz drama imagine him as Hiroto. woooahhh begitu hebatnye penangan kame!!!

6. Yuya Ishida [Sapuri]

a part time worker who fall in love with his co-worker, Minami who's older than him. he's so passionate towards his work besides of wanting to show his passions loving Minami. (pekebenda la aku nk sampaikan?? XD)

7. Hajime Kindaichi [ Kindaichi Shounen Jikembo]

a young detective who loves to flirt pretty women. muahaha XDD. his grandfather is a famous detective. he feels burdened becoz everyone seems to have high expectation for him when there's a cases.

8. Shizuku Kanzaki [ Kami No Shizuku]

He is a son of famous wine critic. his father left him a will to continue his legacy in wine. but is zenzen clueless about wine and never ever taste da wine as he hold the grudge to his father who never care about Shizuku and his mother. but, at last he take the challenge!! hmm i juz watch it for 2 episode at streaming sites. if i have that drama in high quality, maybe i will watch it till the end. for da sake of kame!! muahahah XDD

9. Wakui Masakazu [Mr. Brain]

a doctor who's taking a bribes and attemps to kill his fiancee when she tried to tell a police the secret that she knows. but he loves his fiancee.. he looks old in dat drama. but, he's indeed hot doctor!! *bias* XDD

10. Toru Shibahara [ Tokyuu Tanaka 3 Go]

Yuuki- i dun watch it yet!! Orz

Akihiko Fukagawa [ 3 Nen B-Gumi]


my kame's hairstyles in drama ranking!!

1. Sapuri (2006)

kyaaa jd;a'kd'jf'sajf'sjf'sajfsd'ja
2. Tatta Hitotsu No Koi (2006)

3. One Pound Gospel (2008)

him with black hair is da best!! XD

4. Yamanade (2010)

5. Gokusen (2005)

huwaaargg. epic gold hair!!

6. Nobuta Wo Produce (2005)

his infamous ponytail~ XD
6. Kanzaki Shizuku (2009)

7. Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo (2005)

8. Mr Brain (2009)

after i screencapped [it took a day to screencap all these] all of his drama, except for sapuri, yuuki and 3 nen b-gumi, i kinda miss Hiroto (Tatta Hitotsu No Koi). huuuu~~ he's soo romantic!! muahahaha XDD

ok, ja ne~~ XDD

*off rewatching Tatta Hitotsu No Koi*

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