Dia Makin Comey~!!

by facchan on Thursday, May 20, 2010, under ,

bismillah salam..

*sigh* kenapa kame?? kenape makin comey???!!! nyahahahah XDD. GERRRAAAMMMM nya~!!!!

adjl;aj;alajaljfa *melts*
ape senyum2?? cium kang!! XDD

ni tengu paling comeeeyyy lam dunia!!!! XD
credit: crovoxisikes@lj

note : tengu tu kononnye creature yg paling jahat.. XD

aku xkesah kalo ade tengu yang comey camnih!!! (>.<)

2 comments for this entry:
  1. Miss Tatsuya

    chomel2.. mcm kite.. keh2~

  2. facchan

    mcm u??? ahahah xde mknenye earissa!! XDD



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