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my kame's drama ranking!!


yeaaahhh. it's like sooo many times i said this!! this is the best drama ever out of any jdrama. well, at least for me. diz drama is about friendships and their loyalness towards their friends! this drama really teach me a lot what is important in friendship. pure friendship comes from pure heart. friends have to together when there're problems and tried to resolved it together!

i have friends, but not a close one. i used to be her bestfriend. but, one day she got a problem, i tried to understand what's the problem is. but she refused to tell me what happened. she said
" even we're friends, the secrect is only mine" sort of like that. ok, i understand that. but i juz wanna share her problems. what is wrong with that. and what irritated me was, she told all her problems to one of her friends, also my friends. i was like, why??? am i no good enuf to be trusted?? and becoz of that, i never have bestfriends. i may have friends but not so close.

arrgghhhhh enuf emo-ing. back to NwP, i'm so envy their friendship!! i really want sumone like them to be my friends. Shuuji, Akira and Nobuta.. their friendship is so pure n strong.enuf to make me moved and cried becoz of their friendshipness [is such word,existed? XDD]. I LOVE THIS DRAMA SOOO MUCCHHH!!!

2. Gokusen II

this drama is about the teacher who was born in yakuza's family and so passion towardds her students. gokusen also deserved da best drama from me (ahahah) beside NwP. da drama revolved around yankumi and her students who're very delinquent and useless in community's POV. she tried to understand her students feeling by involving herself in her students' life. i adored yankumi!! if only there's teachers like her. wooaahh..ii na~

3. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

huhu. kono dorama wa juz ended last 2 months ago. this drama is about four ikemen (handsome) men who had to change their landlady's niece become more lady if they want to stay at her house without spending even one cent for rent. but, mondai ga aru (ade problem lak). that landlady's niece,Sunako juz attracted to horror stuff and didn't bother to be lady at all.

emm, after watching this drama, i realized that i have to love myself, be myself, dun care what others said about me. juz keep living without being afraid to face any challenges in this world. never run away from any problem we have! running away can't solve anything.

4. One Pound Gospel

this is the hillarious kame's drama ever!! not dat good, but not dat bad as well. at least, he able to entertain me for some ways! this drama is about a boxer,Hatanaka Kousaku who's really love eating despite of having bad will to lose his weight considering he should remain his weight to get a qualification in boxing competition. one day, he met his angel, a nun called Sister Angela and love at first sight! after dat, he's become more passion on boxing juz to win her heart (taken from wiki)

5. Tatta Hitotsu No Koi

Hiroto is juz a poor one and works at his left father's factory. one day, da destiny has arranged him and his soulmate starting from her, Nao suddenly bumped into Hiroto. they've fallen in love after they met for for a several times. but a typical love story, he wrongly chose his soulmate coz Nao is very rich compared to him. and, her father strongly against their love!! this is love story, of course it's happy ending. XD

6. Kindaichi Shounen Jikembo

Kindaichi was the grandson of a famous detective, and although had an IQ of 180, did not do well in school. He cracked many cases using logic and the leads he could find at the scenes of murder. Although the murderers could be predictable at times, it is interesting to see how he solved the mystery.[taken from wiki]- but kame juz appear as Kindaichi Hajime for special in 2005.

7. Sapuri

Minami is a single 28-year-old office worker in an advertising office. She's very work-oriented and her love is doubted by her boyfriend. One day, she meets Yuya , who is a part-time worker at her company [taken from wiki]. what i like about this drama is there's KAME!! ahahaha. ok2. get serious people. this is about Yuya who's fall in love with andartu.ces. he tried many ways to appeal Minami.kawayusu!!

other drama dat i don't watch it yet!

Kami No Shizuku

yeah it has kame, but dun get much my attention. gomennachaai kame chan. The story revolves around Kanzuki Shizuku, a young man who was estranged from his father, a world-famous wine critic. When his father passed away, he left behind a wine collection worth a fortune, but in order to inherit it, Shizuku must solve a series of puzzles left by his father to identify 6 wines. His competitor was Tomine Issei, a prominent wine critic, whom his father adopted before his death.
emm maybe becoz it's about wine. so i dun interested to watch it..


this is based on a true story which chronicles the life of a man who died at the age of 23 after an illness that started with the partial collapse of his cranial bone, and a subsequent battle with seven types of incurable diseases.

some said, this story is source of tearssssss... sou desu ka?? i dunno, becoz i dun watch it yet!!. aahhh really wanna watch it! where can i watch it?? tell me kudasaaaaiiiii~~!!!

3-nen B-gumi

i'm sorry, i'm really clueless about this one!! ahahah. but when i look at his pictures dat time, argghh cute!! wanna squeeze his cheek!! XD

Him be a guest!!

1. Mr. Brain

it's in episode 3. when i copy this drama from my friend, the first episode i watched was episode 3!! ahahah bias much? XDD. so episode 3 is about a young doctor, Wakui Sensei who's involved in bribes. aahhh lazy to illustrate everything!! watch it urself!! ahahaahha XD

2. Tokyuu Tanaka 3 Go!!

he's in episode 8 if i could remember well. he's as a stepson of Tanaka's (Koki) mother. Tanaka's mother left her house coz fed up with her life!!

ah i forgot about Gokusen The Movie!! he becomes a trainee teacher at yankumi's school..

sore ja!! ja mata~!!

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  1. Miss Tatsuya

    nwp...1st kame drma i tgk.. hehe.. gokusen x tgk ag...tp movie dh bli tp still drm wraper hehe~ mne nk cr gokusen nih~

  2. facchan

    eehhh xtgk lagi?? epic drama tuh!! huhu.. bes cte tuh.. byk pgajaran la.. tpi kte ske gokusen 1 more than season 2..huhu

  3. Miss Tatsuya

    hehe..taw.. tp x taw nk korek mne nk tgk~ huhu~



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