yabai yabai yabai!!!

by facchan on Monday, March 15, 2010, under ,


it took me a week to realize dat i haven't create any japanese sentences for my japanese reading test. and dat test is on next tuesday which is juz 2 more days..yabai3!!

well, it's not dat difficult la..da sentences is juz up to 3 sentences. and da sentence must up to 10 words...then we have to memorize and read it in front of sensei. *kincho suru yo*

yeah, it's quite easy as da lesson is juz same level of japanese kindergarten kids kot.

zone fandom XD

i watched yamanade ep 9 (w/o sub OTL) last friday night. T______________T. it's touching episode.sedih ;__;. kyohei went to visit his mom at da hospital and there's touching scene where we got to see kyohei and his mom crying. seriously, my eyes nearly got teary watching dat scene.but i tried not to get crying la..*sob sob sob*. demo ne, i don't really understand what they are saying Orz. wanna see it w/ sub soooo bbaad!!!

pastu, sunako hyan left da mansion???!! wanna figure it out for da next ep. it's last episode dayo *sigh*. y it has to be ended so soon. and after diz, no yamanade and no ctkt Orz.

pastu kyohei g la kejar sunako..this run-for-your-love scene kinda remind me of hiroto chasing for nao in tatta hitotsu no koi..tol x??

k la..stop here.off to reka ayat jap..

malasnye nak wat +_+

ps: sori la.da english is mix up w/ malay lak..so rojak.hahah

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