Why I Love KAT-TUN?

by facchan on Thursday, December 16, 2010, under

zon fandom~~~

mukatsuku!!!! aku dah terlepas due date utk antar fanvid contest kat GG tu.. huwaaaa~~ depress gile!!! ><

tapi xpe, at least aku enjoy buat benda nih.. tengok dorang senyum.. tengok dorang gelak. terasa bahagia hidup ni.. cewaahh..

so, here's my fanvid ^^

enjoy kudasaaaii~~~~

ps: if i were asked, do u hate him? i would say, YESSSS!!! i DO HATE HIM!!! i dun hate him for nothing~ i got many3333 reasons why i hate him.. get it??? and i dun care if i offense ur heart or not!!! 

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