SC 10.12.2010 - Kame

by facchan on Monday, December 13, 2010,

mukyaaaahhhhh i keep rewatching Junior Colesseum at SC since sampai rumah tadi.. the one with juniors that kame has to act as a girl and the juniors should make a confession to her with 'CHRISTMAS' as a theme..lol
and and and... i've mentioned it on the previous entry right~ yeahh.. he killed me!! or should i say, SHE?? XDD

and..i keep replaying this part~~

kazuko(K) : sugoi irumination kirei da ne~ 
yuta(Y) : un kirei da ne  
K : yuu kun... yuu kun. nande, kyou wa.. kazuko na no??  [yuu kun.. today, why kazuko?]
Y : christmas wa saa.. ichiban suki na, kazuko to itai kara.. [for x'mas, the best thing that i like (about x'mas), there's kazuko(that i want to be with u)] *aku nk translate yg ni pon xreti.. nyahahah*

MUKYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH yutaaa soo romantic!! yet cute becoz he's being so shy after confession.. XD. demo ne.. kazuko rejected him.lol

K: kono hito yoku wakaranai~~~ [i dun understand this guy~]
Y: KAZUKOOOO~~~ *chase her*

omg.. did i just said HER???? lololol.. ma maa.. shoganai yo ne.. kazuko's sooooo lovely! XD


and then koichi's turn.. kame, u really like this kid ne?? orz.. i dun really like him.. well, basically because i got jealous when he always chose koichi~ nyahahahhaha.. the second part not that good ne~
but i like the first part of munekyun.. when he(koichi) said "christmas presento, ore dayo!! BAAAKAAA!!"
smart ahhh.. ahahahhaha no wonder kame chose u.. XD

alj;sf;lsaj;lksaj;lsaj;lkgsj;ljgsal; #2

n then, the one with nakamaru was asked to act along with kazuko~ choooo kyute <3 both of them!!! ><

maru acted as a tourist na otoko (LOL) where he tried to flirt kazuko!!! kyahahaahhahaha... that was just like, a man who loitering around shopping complex flirting a girl who waited for her man to come up.LOLOL

nakamaru (N): fufuufufu~ ne ne~ kanojo, hitori?? [ne, cik adik.. alone?]
K : heh.. ahh.
N : ima hitori?? [u're alone now?]
K : *i dun get it*
N : chotto o-cha ikou yo!! [ let's go drink tea (somewhere)]
K : o-cha? nani cha desu ka? [what kind of tea?]
N : macha macha (LOLOL)

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHHA i laugh super hard watching this part!! XDDD. but i like yuta's confession the best!! nyiaaaa~~~ <3 yokatta kame picked yuta as winner.. hehehe

the whole episode (which has kame obviously) totally killing me!!!!! ughhhhh~~ i hate u kame.. always manage to kill me.. every single minutes!!! orz.. but not that i'm complaining.. nyiahahahahah
ps: dun trust my translation.. that was just my instinct. but it could give u a gesture of what they're saying.. ^^
i just understand simple japanese.. orz

ps2: dun feel disgusting la kame blakon jadi pompuan~ coz he's way moreeeeeee cuter than you!!! back off!! hehehe

7 comments for this entry:
  1. Shin_kizuna

    where could I download this video T^T?

  2. facchan

    ohh u can dl it at going_gonin community.. ^^

  3. ジュリャ ♥*

    ah~~~ kazuyaa~~

    atashi..mitai hoshii!! ( = o = ")/

    i missed this show!

    ~currently downloading it~~ fuuu~

  4. facchan

    hayaku julya chan!!!!
    she's sooo cute..
    eh, i mean he's so cute~ XD

  5. Merve

    ne nee facchan,

    do you know some site where I can watch that episode >_< I really searched eeeevveeerryyywhere but still couldn't find it T_T

    (facebook: Merve Cücük)
    jaa ne :))

  6. facchan

    hi merve. it's available at going_gonin livejournal. but u have to be member first :)

  7. Merve

    woooaahh ARIGATO NEE *hugs*
    I guess there is still an old blog of mine, though I didn't use it in ages :D thank you alot...


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