Update Sementara!

by facchan on Saturday, December 4, 2010, under


pasan tak header aku skang???!! AMEK KAWWWW besar gedabak!! ahahah ni aku saje je try semalam.. pakai photoscape jer.. xreti la photoshop bagai.. ><

ni sementara jer.. nnti aku tukar balik yer ^^

3 comments for this entry:
  1. mashi toma

    rasa cm normal je XD
    mashi nye besar gk kowt hehehe...

  2. ジュリャ ♥*

    ah.. ookii~!

    uhuu~~ ( ^ w ^ ")/

    me also use Photoscape to editing.

    more easier ne?

    Photoshop is such a large size application that can make my lappy turn slow.. uh..

    uff. looking forward for your next header.. :)

  3. facchan

    mashi: hehehe..

    julyachan: deshouuu.. photoscape is much easier to handle..hehe
    ohh.. fyi, this header is the 'next header'.. nyahahah..i just changed it yesterday.. but still big ne? XDD


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