Otanjoume Koki~

by facchan on Friday, November 5, 2010, under ,


zon fandom~~ laallalla

ehh aritu cakap hiatus? nyahahahahha..xpe la.. excuse jap arini. sebab hari ni ialah..

tanaka koki no tanjoume!!!!!!! otanjoubi omedettou darling!!!!! *hugs*

btw, kono video ga mite kudasai~~ heheh penat buat.. ciwah.

i wish u the best~
with your usagi chan..

dkljsahklfsajl;kfajkl;aj'l nyomeyhh!!

nyiaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ i love this gifs!!! cuteness MAX!!!!! credit to peeps~ XD

kyyahahhahaha basically he calls us fans as his usagi chan.. so, i'm one of them!!! i'm proud to be his wifefan~

i wonder what present will he get from members.. 8D
kame, please give him more love okeh? XDDDD

i'm kinda glad u're still in kat-tun. to think that u're the one who really hated kat-tun back then.. and u did wanted to quit kat-tun, it's great to know how you care for kat-tun now~ ;___;

u're the gentlest (ade ke word nih?) one in kat-tun..
u're the best rapper in kat-tun.. nobody can't beat you. nyahaha.. but kame rap is the cutest ever!! =P
u're naughtiest one in kat-tun..
u're the smilemaker in kat-tun..always makes me laugh.lololol. thank you!
u're the one of the handsome guys in kat-tun!! well, all kat-tun are handsome! XD
ok, u might be not handsome in somebody's eyes.. but at least u do look hot in my eyes okeh!! ^^

i love you~ maybe same level as kame now? XD

huahauhahahah.. otanjoume dear.. woww 25th birthday.. hayai ne~ dulu baru jer 23thn.. lol.

ijou desu!!! oshh sambung study...

ps: pic usagi kame tu aku kasik kat along aritu for her bithday. nyahahha gomen ne, i curi~ XD

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