Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi

by facchan on Monday, November 29, 2010, under


hohoho iriguchi deguchi~~~ TAGUCHI no tanjoume desu!!!!!!

sweet 25th!!!!!  *throw confetti*

at this age, you could marry you know!! XD

for all of the abuse that you got from the members, let's treat it as love. :D

you have the cutest smile in the world =)

your do-M-ness entertains me! lol. gomen. 
kat-tun, please S towards him more~ XD

the best dancer i could say

your laugh always brighten my days

i still thinks u're the youngest regardless your real age.lol
kame's more matured than you. muahahah

not to forget your silly dajare
but you never fail to make me laugh of your dajare 

so junno..please

don't ever change!!

don't ever bored with kat-tun. they love you XD

make more dajare!!

last but not least...


"The prince of countless hobbies, 「our scheming man」 
He has too many talents 「everything's useless?」

Always having fun, but 「puns are a no-no」 
His eyes when he laughs 「shrink into two thin lines」
He stands out with great height and big moves, his tap dance sleek and nimble 
The acrobatic boy 「sometimes a bad boy」
Far from being a kid, his team spirit is ample, everyone together 「Iriguchi.Deguchi.Taguchi!」"

(Koki, Never x Over)

see, koki loves you!! XD

ijou desu!!

2 comments for this entry:
  1. Anonymous

    uuu..facchan..lebih kurang sama dengan http://cfaachan.blogspot.com/


  2. facchan

    ehhh ade same ke??? alamak nk kena tukar name ke tak nih.. =_=''


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