Awesome Hyphens!

by facchan on Monday, November 15, 2010, under ,


hmmm result smalam, #changeurworld & #kattun xjadi TT.. xpe33.. aku dah puas hati.. ni pon tuk suke2 jer.. ^^

tapi aku tak sangka!!! aku termasuk lam senarai top 10 contributor semalam!!!!! kyahahahahhahhaha.. xsgka ohh.. aku just RT jer yg ader #changeurword & #kattun smalam.. tweet pon sket2 jer.. XD. sbb tu la twitter aku jam kejap kot smlm.. byk sgt duk RT.

ape2 hal.. tengok sini!!

kat-tun got the most awesome hypens in the world!!! being one of the hypens is my pride. \(^O^)/. good job minna~

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