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i felt left out today!!

mybe i'm not really interesting enough for person. i don't mean by a physical look, but my character seems so..

i'm i really dat boring?? *curious*

juz now, i was the only one who didn't talk during the whole segments of seminar. luckily it( the seminar) was interesting enough for me to laugh and it saved me from dying due to major BOREDOM!! (ok, i'm exaggerate)

all i did was, playing my handphone, listening radio..bored, then moved on listening my playlists on my handphone. reading the magazine that was given to us.

it was like, i went there alone. no companion.they just talked among themselves and ignored me. OTL.

i felt really lonely. i guess the person behind me, wondering why am i alone..haha.just my thought..

maybe i was being childish just now when i showed my sulky face to them just because of small matter. but i guess, they didn't realize it.lol. well, who am i to be realized. haha.


let it be. let bygone be bygone. i feel better now. *smile*

ahh.. who is gonna read my blog actually?? lol

p/s: i'm not angry at you guys.. i was feeling lonely just now. haha.cm bdk2 aku ni!!

p/s: ignore all my grammar and spelling mistakes, the wrongly used word.. =P my english's suck!!

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