Welcome Twenty-Two y.o

by facchan on Thursday, August 4, 2011, under ,

bismillah. salam..

sudah 4 August dah ke?? orz

now, aku dah 22. otanjoubi omedettou jibun -.- feeling old again.

well, b'day tahun xbest sgt sbb xproduktif pon. lol. no~ bkn sbb bulan puasa ke ape.. tapi kalo kat uni, at least ade jugak wat keje kan. hoho.


dan hari ni jugak b'day Jang Geun Suk~!! fufuu.. happy bday la yer.. hehe.

nyahhahahah kawayusuuuuu :D

btw aku currently follow citer Ikemen Desu Ne yg remake You're Beautiful ni. well, ren is not that handsome compare to taekyung.. but still, bley diterima aa. and jln citer idn lagi menarik. dari segi duration, mmg pace agk laju. tapi aku suke..straightforward dan xde part2 yg xperlu mcm YAB. well bese la.. kdrama kan cm meleret sket :P

jgs: so.. u like ren more than taekyung??? =/\=/=\ <-- care jgs pout

me: noooo i like u better!! XDD

jgs approved XD

ps: thanks for those who wishing me happy birthday. :D

6 comments for this entry:
  1. kupater

    loh...beday ko jugak rupenye...igtkan si mamat korea tu je lol.
    so,hepi beday...u should be proud bcoz i rarely wishing someone on their b'day bcoz i didnt really like it when people doing it to me...lololol...macam shuji x???mcm kan??XD tetibe speaking la plak kan??hohoho~

  2. facchan

    wohooooo giler bangge ko ucap hepi bday! lol. sankyu zati :D

    xpyh same ngn shuuji plizz XD

  3. Miss Sakura

    hehehe~~ u.. i like.. sometimes we think alike~~ ^^

  4. ジュリャ


    2 minutes left before the end of 4th August~~!

    ( ^ w ^ ")//


    Otanjoubi Omedetou !

    May your wish come true and will forever be KAT-TUN fangirl ne?

    Age is just a number, what important is how we live our life~!

    ( = w =)//♡

  5. facchan

    ouchh sankyu julya-chan~

    i'll forever be their fan no matter what. XDD

    ma ne.. lets not think much about age. ><


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