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by facchan on Wednesday, August 10, 2011, under ,

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so yeah.. kame will have new drama on this October titled 'Yokai Ningen Bemu'. I supposed to be happy about the news. but...... looking at the synopsis.

"The plot of the series revolves around three youkai, Bemu, Bera and Bero who arrive at large coastal city and come across an evil atmosphere, which was brought about by ommortal by humans and mischief caused by monsters and youkai. They therefore decide to stay in the city. fightinf against other monsters and youkai which attack humans, making a few friends along the way. Even though the three youkai are often abused by other human human beings due to their appearance, they still strive in protecting the human populace of the city from other monsters, one day hoping tp become human beings in retirn for their good actions"

Kame as Bemu, Anne as Bera, Fuku as Bero 

rofl. i dunno what to think about it. whether to cry or to laugh. LOLOLOL. opss.. ok, literally laughing here XDD. but yeahhh i seriously crying inside. lol. noooooooooooooooo!!!!!! please kamenashi. why you have to accept such kind of drama. omgosh. it's about monster gdi. tsk. i dun wanna let them ruin kame's pretty face with the heavy make-up that will look like monster. orzzzzzz. i dun want another kaibutsu-kun (even i like ohno's kaibutsu-kun)

actually.. this kame's drama rumour had been floating around about one month ago i guess.. at first i was like, YAAY kame's new drama!! but seeing the synopsis, i really hoping the rumour to be fake!! muahahhaaha. 
first, it's anime adaptation. otakus might have against this and they'll bash kame again and over again if kame's betray their expectation doing this kind of character. second..it's about monster! like seriously?  i really want kame to do serious kind of character just like his character in nwp and tatta hitokoi. but now that it's finally official, i hve to accept this XD.

sigh. ma ne.. lets think positive. i hope the drama is good and not half-heartedly make. i dun wanna bear any bashing towards kame if the drama will get bad rating. damn, i dun wanna imagine that. orz.

but well.. it's kame ww're talking about. he'll not disappoint us no matter what. btw. look at that pic. lolololol. kame's character is as old ojisan called bemu. XD. and he supposed to be big and tall. rofl. i wonder why they(prducer/director) picked kame as the main actor considering how short thin, small, comel2 he is XD. oh.. i was informed that this anime is such an angsty genre. at last, they'll die nantonaku..ohhhkayy.. so i guess, the producer recognized kame as talented actor that could act such kind of character. *coughryucoughhirotocough* hurmmmm (thinking)

tonikaku... let's hoping the drama will turn out to be good. i miss kame's acting. fufuu. wait33.. will KT sing its theme song? will they have another single? 8DDD.

yoshhhh. it'll start this October, on Saturday 9pm at NTV channel. 

ps: i dunno why i wrote this in english XD. goshh my english sucks. just ignore the mistakes if there any. lol.

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  1. ジュリャ


    Atashi wa, nanka odoroita mou~!

    ( o __ o )/

    I don't figure that he will be interested to accept the offer like this too.

    It is totally different genre from his previous drama ne?

    Demo ne, nanka ureshiikatta !

    ( ^ w ^ )/

    I actually don't care whatever role that he get, as long as he get to act in any dorama, I am definately watching it !

    Don't you?

    No need to care about the rating or whatsoever, as long as we as a fan love it, that more important ne?


    Oh, I also hope that he will not overworked himself too..

  2. kupater

    ak rase la kan,kame dah bohsan jadik lawa and pretty lolololol...x tau la kame or granpa johnny yg sruh die accept role tuh but....ak still x sabo nak tgk camne live action tu nanti fufufufufu~
    ak cam O_o la sbb cite ni tyg kat NTV...dahla dulu KnS NTV gak kan???tp harapnye oklah...
    XDD ak tetap x leh berenti gelak smpai skrg :P

  3. facchan

    @julya chan: yeahh.. so totally different from his other drama. lol.
    anyway, just wait and see. :3

    @kupater: BUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA ikr. aku pon duk gelak je teringat bnda ni XDD. stakat ni, sumer drama dia NTV la weh.. except for yamanade ngn sapuri. aku harap rating ok la.. pukul 9 kan? arap2 ni cam drama sesuai tu family ><


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