Nakamaru Yuichi~

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zon fandom. xske, xyah baca~ ^^


spent 3hours to edit that picture. includes time searching n installing new fonts and screencapping his picture. yeah, while screencapping, i manage to rewatch GOING pv making. lol. and i simply love these moments..

kokamemaru talk at the same time! *whack*.
why so adorable? XD
then suddenly uepi pop up out of nowhere. XD

and this moment! als;fjaskljfd'saljf'lsajas'jf'sa
kame jump2/stomp2 n laugh at uepi..
nyiaaaaa~~ shooooo cuteeee!!! flja;klshf;h;la

kameda sisters~ XD
ok, back to nakamaru~
weee~ today's nakamaru's birthday!!! the N of KAT-TUN!!! ^^
he's already 27! wooou~ time flies really fast! i only know him (& kat-tun) when he's 24~ woots it's 3 years already! XD

hohoho,, thinking back kan, i used to dislike him.. no no!! i dun hate him.. i just get annoyed when saw him in cartoon kattun because he was being outspoken. and always(not always) rude to his guest. lol. gomen nakamaru! XD. maybe at that time, i was just focused much on kame. everything was kame. (and i used to like jin after kame) .

but after i get to know more kat-tun's personalities, i guess my love towards kat-tun, not just kame, keep increasing day by day~ they are all so unique with their own pesonalities. that makes me love them more and more~

from cartoon kat-tun, i got to know that he's the kawai-est bibiri nakamaru..lol.
he's the best human beatboxer i ever know,
he's the gentlest one in kat-tun (except when bullying junno)
he also the one being bullied. lol mostly by a-san~ XDD
he's being shy when surround with pretty women,
he can speak indonesian.lol. 'saya cinda padamu'
his finger is long. wow! o.O
not to forget his infamous nose. XDDD
he's the best comedian together with koki~ XDDD
his voice is so smooth. i was melting when listening to White World..
he can finally bungee jump! so proud of him. ^^

hohohoo.. nakamaru, keep entertain us yea~
i will support u and kat-tun whenever kattun still exist! ^^

ijou desu~

gif credit to jodyn neechan @twitter! XD
cartoon kattun pictures credit to 'i-dun-know-who'.

mouuu i crave for kat-tun's new show!!! miss ckt already!!! *pout*

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