tanjoume nino!!!

by facchan on Thursday, June 17, 2010, under ,


zon fandom yer~~

hi!! my name is kazuya~!!

kyou wa, nino no tanjoubi desu~!!!!!! otanjoubi omedettou~~!!! *clapclapclap*

let's spam his pictures here!!! XDD
*pinch his cheek*

what da hell are u wearing?? XDD

baseball freak!! juz like kame~! XD

wahahaha. actually my ichiban in arashi was sho. but saikin, i fell for him. it's becoz of his bratness in himitsu no arashi chan!! lol. and now, he and sho are ichiban!!! nyahahaha.XD

nyaaa kazu x kazu~!
nino, pliz teasing kame more!!! XD
ok la.. ja ne~

p/s: dieb, i da pndai wat gif!!!! yuhuu~!! yg kame n nino alone tuh i buat.. yg kamenino 2 dr bawah tu yg sape tah..heheh.gomenne~ XD

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