New Obsession ^^

by facchan on Friday, June 18, 2010, under


aku rase cam malas je nk berblog nih. huhu. aku ade obsession baru!! TUMBLR.wahahahah siyes addicted oh!! Tumblr ni cam upload2 gamba je sbenarnye.. tapi cam byk je gamba comel2. so cam bes je ade Tumblr nih!!! paling bes, ble ramai je reblog pic yg kte upload tuh!! XDD

pic aku yg pling dpt smbutan ialah nih :

hahahaha kousaku chan, anda sgt popular!!! XDD.

ade satu ag yg popular. gmbar Dr. Wakui ( Mr. Brain).

Wakui Sensei is da hottest doctor in da world!!! XDDD

oh ya.. sape2 yg ade tumblr tuh, follow la aku yer~ ^^ .KOCCHI2

k la.. ja ne~

p/s: aku ltak gambar akame, ramai je nk reblog..cess!! hahaha

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