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zon fandom,xske jgn baca. ^__^

yosh!! i'm home!! still penat. sampai2 je terus tido sampaila pukul **** heheh..

pastu pas bangun je, terus aku bke dramacrazy, nak tgk cite YAMANADE ep4( with subs of course). XDD. episod ni, sunako kena kahwin ngn mamat freak. kyohei jeles.XD. xreti la nk wat sinopsis. tgk s'diri. hehe.

bride snatching~~

kyohei lega coz sunako xjadi kawin ^__^

perfect lady.
how i wish i was her, feeding kame everyday.ops..XDD


pastu aku bke youtube tgk live performance kat-tun yg t'baru.

(credit to kame-ilu LJ)

KAME cuts his HAIR!!!!

yatta \(^o^)/. aku suka dye rmbut pnjg tapi aku lagi suka kalo berambut pendek!! (it's not like i love him bcoz of his hair anyway XDD) kya~~~ comeynye! comeynye!! comeynye!!!

nmpak muda sket ngn rmbut pendek. nih pic dye.

this means, it'll be kyohei's hair for next yamanade episode. no!! kame's short hair is so adorable. but kyohei's short hair, dame! xbley terima. i'll be missing kyohei's hair.

and it's about the time you need to cut your hair mr akanishi! -_-

personal thought : i like their live performance more than the pv. it's refreshing.

last but not least, happy CNY to all chinese!

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