HB Ultimate Bias!!!

by facchan on Thursday, February 24, 2011, under

huwaaaaaaaaa~~~~ time aku tulis ni entry nih, dah lepas 23 FEB!!! T^T

padahal aku sgt menantikan tarikh tuh!!!! orz
ma maaaa..xpe la..sehari je pon kan~

nk taw ape spesel nye 23/2 nih???!!!

it's KAMENASHI KAZUYA no TANJOUME!!!!!!!! my ultimate bias~~!!! forever be my bias!!!

KAT-TUN no K desu!!

kame bb, happy 25th bday darl!!!! <33

nih, aku ade buat satu fanvid utk beliawww~~!!!!

love you for everything honey!! ><

no one can beat you in my heart. 

but koki's slowly take my heart~ lol doshiyoo??!!

ololo don't pout babe~ ><

demo demo, you're still my num 1~!! dun worry~ XD

it's fact!! 

stay being cute!!! 

stay hot!!

my love for you will never ever fade!! ^___^

oshh ijou desu!! nanti aku nk post cane aku kenal kame then jadi fan.. fufuuu.. matte ne~ *cakap ngn diri sniri jer* orz

4 comments for this entry:
  1. Nacchan

    "love you for everything honey!! ><
    no one can beat you in my heart.
    but koki's slowly take my heart~ lol doshiyoo??!!"

    hahahahahahahaha i love this bit facchan ~ \(^_^)/ XD

    take more KAME pills..

  2. Anonymous

    day by day, i'm totally fall in <3 with him!!! :DDD

  3. facchan

    nacchan: LOLOL where can i find kame ectassy??? XDD
    wait2.. isn't kame himself is a drug to me?? no need to take kame pills dayoooo~ XDD

    cidut: me toooooo~~~~~~~

  4. Nacchan

    hahahaha dayo ne..just take kame himself..okaaaaaaaaayyy~ that sounds a bit hentai...*smacks head with a broom*


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