first paper,cam hampeh!!

by facchan on Monday, April 26, 2010, under


well as u know(i did mention in my last entry), i was sitting my first exam paper this morning..
one word: GERAM!! it was dissapponting me a lot! how come i can't answer dat paper well.

argghhhh!!!! kuyashhhiii~~!!!! *shokotan* (btol ke eja camni? haha). kuyashii is literally means, it's regrettable.dunno la..haha.WAIT!! why do i talk about dat word? LOL. YES, it's so regrettable becoz i dun answer some of the questions properly. i even left 2 pages BLANK and ofkosla becoz i can't answer da question!!! my hands got all trembled when answering that paper!! XCUKUP MASA!!

*sighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighsighsigh* Orz Orz Orz Orz Orz

*sigh* felt like for about a week i studied it, doing all the past years papers but it does not worth at all!!!! what's da point of having nescaffe these days just for staying late night (studying,obviously)!! lagi sakit kepala ade la~

ok ok ok..i shouldn't complain about it anymore. maybe this is sign from ALLAH dat i should work harder than this. and maybe this my BALASAN from HIM,sebab terlalu alpa dengan duniawi. i guess,i should do more amalan sunat too selain wat fardhu. yes, i admit i'm lacking doing da amalan sunat recently..YA ALLAH, ampunilah dosa hambaMU ini.


my next paper is juz in 2 more days and i am lazying myself by on9-ing and fb-ing..muahaha.not learning from da past at all. and oh, lupe..miss u kamenashi kazuya~~!! XDD

kame: genki da~! (^_^)v

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