break my promise.annoyed mode!!

by facchan on Sunday, April 18, 2010, under , ,


ok i know, i'm breaking my promise not to buka da laptop kan.eh but, i said it starts when i going back to my college kan.and now, i'm still at my home.wanna enjoy da on9 moment puas2!!! i juz wanna update a little 'bout KAT-TUN.well, as u might know, they'll release another new single called GOING! it's for kame's tv show that he regularly host, song! been listening it since yesterday.it's really addicted. enough buot that. i juz write my opinion of the song at my LJ!! HERE KOCCHI SINI http://hanimstarz.livejournal.com/ (self promoting XD)

ok anout my life, yesterday my friends were having fun WITHOUT me!!! annoyed giler. they were strolling around pantai batu buruk w/o telling me a bits pon. bukannye senang nk jumpe kawan lame nih. but maybe they didn't consider me as their friend. well, who am i to them kan,always being left out without getting any info if there are any events!! huh.maybe they are happy w/o me. but still,pissing me off of what they did to me. and what annoyed me the most was, using da lame excuse as if i believe la ur words??? "ah sorry, maybe there's some technical problem".like, LOL-ed so hard at dat excuse. can't you make up better excuses?? u can say, "sorry, i forgot about u" *dush* lagi la sentap kan. chikushooo!! *sigh* and what is ur reason tagging my name in fb just to tell,"hey i'm having fun juz now,dun jealous k"?? like, wth nk wat aku jeles. nk wat aku terasa ke? i think u better not to tell me la.wat sakit hati je. i can accept it if i live far far away from them. if i live in dungun ke, kemaman ke bley la terima.but like not more than 500 meter,i guess?? dunno.wutevala kan.but sgat dekat ok!!

ughhh!! i'm sorry if u terasa. but i have to let out my angry feeling here!! up to me la.my blog kan???!!! juz one thing i want to tell u guys. if u dun wanna ajak me,if u are having fun together without me,if u never intend to include me on any occasion, PLEASE DON'T EVER BOTHER TO TELL ME!!! JUZ SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND KEEP IT BY YOURSELF!!! I'M ANGRY NOW.since yesterday!!seriously, i wanna be more appreciated. *crying*

ASSALAMUALAIKUM!! *goes taking the wudhu'*

p/s:ignored the grammar mistakes.i'm not dat good in english =P.

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