23 Tahun

by facchan on Saturday, August 4, 2012, under ,


eta: budak2 classmate time uni yg kitorang kenal 3 tahun xde pon nk wish aku. budak2 yg 'rapat' ngn aku time higschool yg paling lame aku kenal pon tak. budak yg aku kenal kt matrix di mana kitorang hanya kenal setahun je yg wish aku. (thanks nisa)

eta2: aku dah deactive fb. so xde la reminder nye. -.-''

eta3: point aku ialah.. aku bukan nak sangat ucapan 'Happy Birthday' tuhh. just sg tanda dorang ingat kat aku, msg HB pon dh cukup. tapi haram takk :|

eta4: sori la.. i'm on period. so mood xbest sket XP

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  1. ジュリャ

    Sometimes it strange to think how friend that know us for more than 3 years cannot even remember the trivial thing like birth date ne.

    It seem like as life goes on, the friend that we once know all about became unimportant person ne.

    It happen to me too.

    But in my situation, it happen because I want it to be like that.

    I don;t even care if my friend remember my birthday or not, :p

    Because I always distance myself.

    Maybe I just a reserved person.


    Happy birthday Facchan( = w = )/

    I wish u success in your life. :)

    and as always, lets continue supporting KAT-TUN. ^^

    Ah, you seldom blogging ne..

    Isogashii ka na.. ( ^ w ^ (?

  2. facchan

    i'm always a reserved person too T^T

    anyway, i'm used to it already. hahaha..

    thank you so much Julya-chan~~~ <33
    yeahh let's cont' supporting KT 8DDD

    kekekeke isogashii?? it's more like, lazy to blogging lately -.-


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