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yo!  salam :D

jom main kuiz! psychology tests to check the reason why u can't fall in love. wahh~

huahahha.. erm ekceli aku baru pas tgok smapxsmap guest dia casts from Watashi Renai Dekinai Riyuu; Karina, Yoshitaka Yuriko and Oshima Yuko. watashi renai dekinai riyuu tu literally means, sebab aku x boleh jatuh cinta. camtu la~ sape2 yg suke cite romantik, tgok lerr.. hehe tapi xde la romantic sgt pon >< best cite ni. time spring autumn tahun lepas, aku just follow cite ni, Youkai Ningen Bemu ngn Kaseifu no Mita jer.. huhu

anyway... to the questions!

Q1 : If you can only add one item to the snowman, what would you add?

Answer :  The decisive factor that will lead you to like the opposite sex. 

aku pilih C

To see the answers, please highlight the words below!

A : Money and status
- You care a lot about about brands. Wearing the hat implies wearing a crown, which stands for social status and property. You are the type that will attracted by these things and fall in love with the other party.

B : Common interest and topic
- The hands represents the consistent actions. You are the type that will fall in love with the other party, because of common interest and hobbies. You will be able to engage in long conversations about your favourite music and movies. Thus, feeling that the other party is good. 

C : Gentle and understanding
- The warm scarfs represents that when you feel gentleness and understanding, you will fall in love with the other party. But it's also possible that you will fall in love with someone gentle to everyone, someone who will swayed and unfaithful.

D : Appearance and feeling
- Nakai x explain plak yg ni. gomen XD

Q2 : There's one tree here. If you have to add a bird in this picture, where would you draw the bird?

Answer : The degree of coquetry you will express to your lover.

aku pilih B

To see the answers, please highlight the words below!

A : 70%
- Standing on the tree top indicates that you want to control your lover. You are the type that will say willful stuff and express coquetry to your lover. There are also times when you will pester and ask, "Do you like me?"

B : 10% 
- A bird flying above the tree means you are not good at expressing coquetry to your lover. You're the type who feels that rather than sticking together for 24 hours a day, a free time is also very important. 

C : 45%
- A bird flying at the side of the tree  shows that you want to express coquetry to your lover, but you're unable to express it properly. Which also means, you're not good at expressing coquetry. 

D : 95%
- A bird below the tree shows that the feeling of being protected by your lover is very strong. You want to be with your lover 24 hours a day and this might annoy them. Because you want to be together forever.

Q3 : You have a villa in a mountain. One day, you went to the villa and saw and animal hibernating inside. What kind of animal would you think it is?

Answer : Your popularity.

aku pilih C- squirrel. 

To see the answers, please highlight the words below!

A : 90%
- The animal hibernating in your villa symbolizes the existence of the men that show interest in you. The huge bear means that you have the huge ability to be popular. Even though you might not conscious or even notice it, all the guys will still have the good impression of you. The opposite sex will approach you continuously.

B : 70%
- Racoon dog with a comical atmosphere. Means that you will leave the good impression on your surrounding opposite sex. Are there any friends of the opposite sex who like you? But only a small portion of them will treat you like a lover. 

C : 15%
- The small and timid squirrel shows that you will get nervous in front of the opposite sex unconsciously and you will behave unnaturally. Thus, your popularity will be slightly lower. 

D : 40%
- Many people are afraid of snake which means that you are very popular among people who are crazy in love with you. You're not the popular person but you're always able to attract some weird people. 

wohhh.. ape yg aku pilih, ermm kebanyakannya accurate gak ah.. ekceli soalan num 3 tuh. T___________T hahahahhaha

ok la.. enjoy~ :D

sub credit to smappiesub. azasu.

5 comments for this entry:
  1. ジュリャ

    Ho ho.

    Facchan, nice post!

    ( ^ w ^ )b

    My answer is the same like you for the first two question, but on the third question I choose Bear. :p

    Fu fu. It was fun to do quiz like this. :)

    Although the outcome dont usually get accurate ne..

    I really like quiz like this..

    It is like the one from Tegomass no Radio that I just listened recently..

  2. Miss Sakura

    Weeee... best2~~ haha... Second quest je kite ta same weyh~!!

  3. facchan

    @julya-chan: waaaaaaa u chose bear ka?? moteru naaaa ;D u must be popular ne~ XD. i like this kind of quiz too! it shows how our mental state is. even not all are accurate ne~ hihi

    @illi: ye ke? huhu.. best kan.. hehe

  4. ジュリャ

    Ho ho. Not really laa.

    I choose Bear because I thought it will be so cute to find a bear hibernating in my villa, apart from other animal.


    Speaking of animal and quiz, let me ask u the quiz that I listen from Tegomass no Radio..

    Please name three animals and why you choose them.


    1. Rabbit - cute
    2. Panda - fluffy and adorable
    3. Bird - can freely fly on the sky

    Please give your answer and I will tell u the meaning.. :p

  5. ジュリャ

    Hu hu.

    So your answer is Rabbit, Cat and Turtle.

    Because of:

    1. white. cute. fluffy
    2. friendly and cute
    3. because it was Kame name.

    Why you choose like this? ^ ^"

    I dont think it was such a hard question. Nevermind laa.

    Let me share you the answer ne..

    First take a look at Tegomass

    . . .

    Tego: “Rabbit, Lion and Dog.”

    Why Tego chose them:

    Rabbit – being hard on the surface, but actually soft underneath.

    Lion – predator, can eat a lot of things

    Dog – sweet, will like no matter who it is

    Massu: “Monkey, Gorilla and Chimpanzee.XD

    Why Massu chose them:

    Monkey – small and cute

    Gorilla – strong

    Chimpanzee – always mistaken for a gorilla, and gets hurt feelings


    1st animal – what you yourself want to become.

    Tego wants to become tsundere, Massu wants to become small and cute,

    //And Fara want to be white, cute and fluffy.//
    Ho ho.

    2nd animal – how you see yourself.

    Tego can eat a lot of things,
    Massu is strong,

    //Fara, you see yourself as friendly and cute//
    Iii ne..:)

    3rd animal – the real you.

    Tego is sweet,
    Massu is someone who gets mistaken for a gorilla [I think it’s true though, cause ppl always call him Tegoshi, even on photo shoot, ho ho]

    //And Fara, you want to change name to KAME?// Haaa haa. ( ^ o ^ )///

    So that's it.

    Sorry for the long answer. :p

    Next time lets do quiz again. :)


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