2nd Anniversary!

by facchan on Friday, December 30, 2011, under

dare ga iru ka?? -ninja-


oiii hisashiburi!! hahahahaha

just want to say


to this blog!!! fufufuuuu..

today, last two years ago i started blogging ne.. oboitemasu ka? 8DDD

iroiro no hanashi ga kono blog de oshietemasu ne. kanashii toki mo, ureshii toki mo, shiawase toki mo, kurushii toki mo~ zenbu! wasurarenai yo~ 

thanks to this blog i could express everything in my mind. even nobody would read my ranting, i'm still relieved to have this blog. hohohoo

ima made arigatou. kore kara mo yoroshiku~ ^__*

ps: nnti aku nk wat post pasal mita-san! ><

ETA: ahhhh machigatta!!!! it's actually on 29th Dec 2009 i started this blog. not on 30th XDDD *whacks self* maa ii ka :PP

2 comments for this entry:
  1. kupater

    jgn risau ak bace post2 ko...

  2. facchan

    waaaa terharunye aku!!!! XD


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