Otanjome Madu!!

by facchan on Saturday, March 19, 2011, under , ,

osuuu.. salam~~

kyou wa.. 19 march ni, madu no tanjoubi desu!!

otanjoume aween kun!!! and you're now 22 y.o!! AHAHAHHAHHA
i could see the wrinkles appeared on your face already XD

de, i made a vid for her.. douzo~~

NYiAHAHAHAHH aween kun, are you still alive??? *smirk*
i almost losing 70% of ma blood editing the vid.. TOO MUCH HOTNESSSS to bear!!! 

i asked her beforehand, who'd she choose? kame or koki? 
she said, for the time being.. she wants koki! XD
ma maa.. ii ne~ u spent ur birthday w/ koki while i'm with kame ne~ 
fair and square..lol

sorry, my vid not so creative.. editing vid is so not my forte!!
photoshop mo!! orz

tonikaku, happy birthday madu~
may God bless you..
stay S and H!!
ahahahah.. nitteru jaannn.. S and H tte..
SH(azween) dakara ne~

oshhh that's all ^^. love you babe~

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