Arigatou Minna!!! ^^

by facchan on Friday, August 6, 2010,

bismillah. salam~

fuuhhh~ akhirnya got some time to blog!! ^^

nyiaaaa~~!!!! arigatou minna chan for the lovely wish!!

i really appreciate it!! maji desu!

so, what i got this diz year, hmmm?? well, bkn nk sangat kan.. ur wish is more enuf to make me smiling like crazy! hahah

malam 3 ogos, ader ceramah kt Mawar. had to attend it since it was compulsary for us. ^^
then, after it was finished, i checked the mailbox.kot2 la ader org nk kasi surat kan.. and yes!! there was a letter for me!!! i was all excited yo! it's from dieb~!! XDD

look what she gave to me!!!

alamak terbalik! lpe nk betolkan. =P
mite2, kame amek gmbo koki, koki amek gmbo kame! kya~

pas buker je, nmpak calendar ni, terus jerit!!!! nyiaaaaa!!!! *____*. arigatou dieb kun!! ^^

then, tepat 12mlm, (not dat tepat sgt pon.heheh). aitsu tachi..sue,awie n tiq mai bilik~
hohohoh. arigatou gozaimashita minna~ n n n, i got "kame" from awie!!!! nyiahahahah~!! sue even google-ing kame's pic juz to make card for me w/ dat pic! XD. and tiq, bought me a small star pillow~ star sokmo, hanimstarz la.. nme grup lam modul pon ade star gop. =P

wee, kame dayo!! ^^

jam tu su kasi!! ^^

astu, kat fb lak... ramai gk yg wish arigatou~ ^^

n n n, namira gave me this!! nyiaaaa~~!!!

heheh, thanks mira!! ^^

aljdla;fjlafla roro (n hani?) made this for me~

nyiaaa~ nice yo!
(err, kenapa perlu amek pic sy yg itu?? >.<)
and kyaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh i got this from madu!! aween kyun gave me this!!

aslhjklsa;klhsaklsal;fslk; x___X

tasukete~!! *breathless*. nak matiiii~~~


mite2 minna~ it's me and my hubby yo!! eating together at cafe!! XDDD.

miss him already~ ^^

wuhuuu~~ arigatou arigatou arigatou!!! :DDD

oh yer.. forgot to mention.. apparently qisti is also KT fan!!! nyaaaaa~~ and she turned into fangirl around 2008 nantoka~ mouu nande u didn't tell me qisti chan??!!! me also was onaji gurai~ XDD. btw, her ichiban is jin kun dayo! hehe, da agak dah. mesti sker jin nye.. ^^

ok, stop here!! ^^

*sigh* aku stat tulis blog kul 3, tapi post kul 5.. lame x? nk upload pic pnyer psl!! ces celcom berukband!! Orz

2 comments for this entry:
  1. diEb^AJ

    sori for the lame wrapper XD

  2. facchan

    lame apenyer.. ak la tuh!!
    xkisah pon!! ^^


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