by facchan on Wednesday, December 30, 2009, under

geramnya!!! tadi baru dapat tw yg jadual klas utk sem dpan ade agak bizi I guess.ade ke patut buat klas malam..buat orang x semangat je nk gi klas.sem lpas ok lagi sampai kul 6 je..tu pon cam da xlarat dah.so,bley ke aku b'thn smpai mlm?? *sigh*

hmm i wonder,cmne la ngn life aku sem dpan ni.dahla ade BEL.ahh takut.subjek yg ak plg takut nk m'hadapinya.ceh poyo je ayat.hehe.seb baek la reading n' research je.kalo la sem ni ade presentation skill.hmm xtw la.i don't any confident at all in confronting others in class.i mean, i don't have any skill in presenting something that will keep someone listening to me.well,i might be a boring person..hahah.

stop here..ja ne~~

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